Monday, 16 April 2012


Monday , i'm waiting .
Tuesday , i'm still waiting to see..,see and see if you are fine
Wednesday , you're still not here . Neither in the morning nor later
Thursday  , is also empty
Friday , Saturday , Sunday
None of the day that I don't miss you
None of the day that you will come back
to be in our old days
The day that I met you
The day that I was close to you
The day that we held hands
The day that I love you
The day that I spoke to you
The day that you listened to me
How long it will be like this ?
I don't know
How many months or years ?
How many billions of our past memory
I never don't miss you


  1. aku satu ekor dinosour berkata? sampai hati kau nokk! wehhh, rindu kau sangant2! Allah je tahu betapa rindu nya aku pada mu. hehehe.

  2. hakhakhak , kan comei gitu nyah . dinosour gitu . haha , nok ! aku pun rindu gila kat kauu nok :)